Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort has joined the Plastic Free Phuket Initiative by taking its first steps to eliminate the consumption of single-use plastics on campus. Throwaway water bottles are no longer available at the hotel; instead, guests are provided with 2 reusable drinking bottles that can be refilled at one of the water stations situated around the resort. The new water bottles are supplied by a local company that has been working together with Thanyapura’s design team, led by Mr Nawat (Robyrd) Juthawit, to create the new product. The style and ethos of the bottles compliment the resort’s mission to ‘Optimise Your Life’, which includes encouraging a greener way of life for all.


The plastic revolution originated in the mid-1800s with the creation of Parkesine in Birmingham, England. Although humans have been using rubber-derived materials to protect their equipment from the elements for thousands of years, Parkensine marks the world’s first type of man-made plastic. At the turn of the 20th Century, the plastic movement began to take off with the introduction of Cellophane and Bakelite, and by the 1930s plastics were being glamorized through dedicated magazines, multi-coloured products, and the invention of nylon. Plastics also played a vital part in World War II, where it was used everywhere from parachutes, body armor, and aircraft windows, to protecting precious supplies from spoiling before they had a chance to be used. After the War ended, consumerism increased dramatically and households filled up with plastic furniture, packaging and storage containers – there were even incentivised Tupperware parties thrown regularly (still held to this day).


Due to years of hard work carried out by scientists and researchers around the world, the problem of plastic is well-documented, and popular documentaries like Blue Planet 2 and A Plastic Ocean have brought to light the overwhelming impact our consumerism is having on the natural environment. Public perception is rapidly changing, and countries like Bangladesh, France and Rwanda have all recently banned the use of plastic bags in shops. As consumers our demand directly fuels the supply, and taking small everyday steps can make a big difference. Avoiding single-use plastics like water bottles, throwaway shopping bags, plastic straws, excessive food packaging, disposable cutlery, styrofoam boxes, and products that contain microbeads, go a long way towards looking after our environment. And with almost every piece of plastic ever made still existing today, every purchase we choose not to make has an impact.



There are 4 refill stations set up around Thanyapura’s resort, which guests and members can use to replenish their reusable water bottles. These are located in the hotel’s Pool Wing, DiVine Restaurant, the Bike Shop and the Fitness Centre. Two reusable water bottles will be provided for guests staying at Thanyapura, which can also be purchased for THB299 each if desired. From this cost, 10% will be donated to Yaowawit School and Lodge, an educational life-skills learning centre for disadvantaged children situated in Kapong, Phang Nga (more information on Yaowawit can be found on their website). Thanyapura has also taken steps to halt its use of supplying plastic cutlery, plates and straws in many of its public areas; particularly DiVine Restaurant and Booster Deli & Café. Looking towards the future, the resort intends to expand its plastic-free initiative by supporting the environmental efforts made by other local and international businesses, in order to work towards a greener future together.

I impress the idea of complementary water which in reusable bottles including big bed. All staff are welcome and willing to help.

– LukTarn S., –


Thanyapura’s new refill stations are Kangen Water machines, and produce clean, safe water through ionization. Ionization is a process that raises the pH of water, making it more alkaline. There are 3 water options available at Thanyapura:

  • Alkaline water – suitable for drinking, with a slightly elevated pH of 8.5-9.5
  • Beauty Water – suitable for body care, with a pH of 4.0-6.0
  • Acidic Water – suitable for cleaning and disinfecting, with a pH of 2.7

For more information on Kangen, visit their website.


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