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The Coolsculpting Room is designed for clients looking to experience a coolsculpting treatment session. The room’s finish is comfortable for guests as they carry out their treatment, and overlooks a relaxing outdoor green space.


Colon Hydrotherapy Room

Located in the medical center, the colon hydrotherapy room offers a private bathroom, change area, and the EC2000 closed system colon hydrotherapy machine

Pharmacy Room & Nursing Station

Our onsite dispensing pharmacy is located at the medical center. Supplements, IV therapies, bioidentical hormones, and injections are available by our medical doctor’s prescription. Offsite delivery is available (additional fee)

First Aid Room

The First Aid Room is equipped with medical supplies, and is there to serve guests who may require minor medical attention during their visit to Thanyapura.

Thanyapura Health Centre, Reception Area

The Reception Area welcomes guests to Thanyapura’s Health Centre. It includes a place for guests to wait comfortably, and is open Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm.

Aesthetic & Beauty Centre

Located in the medical centre, the aesthetic suite is a comfortable and private treatment space for a variety of aesthetic services.

Medical Consultation Rooms

Private consultation space for meetings with our medical staff

Intravenous Nutraceutical Lounge

The intravenous infusion suite is located at the medical center and is a semi private space for intravenous infusions. Overlooking the lush tropical scenery of the surrounding national forest, you can relax in the comfort of a recliner while you have your infusion.

Wellness Consultation Room

Private consultation space for meetings with our wellness staff

Spa Therapy Rooms

Relaxing and inviting private treatment rooms for a variety of spa treatments. Includes a private bathroom, locker and change area.

Nutrition Room

The Nutrition Room serves as a consultation space for Thanyapura’s Nutritionists to greet and support guests, and is located in the Wellness Centre.

Rehabilitation Studios

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy services are provided and include various body treatments and specific mechanical therapies

Yoga Studio

The yoga studio can accommodate up to 12 participants for a standard yoga class and contains 8 hammocks for ariel yoga.

Yoga ( wellness studio 2 ) can accommodate up to 20 of participants.

Mind Training Studio

Located on the top floor of the wellness center, the mind training studio offers a peaceful and quiet environment overlooking the lush greenery and Thanyapura facility

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