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Private Training (IDP)


Using our Individual Development Plans (IDP), every player can plan for success with access to professional coaching support. This allows for progress in specific aspects of play, working with an experienced coach to address agreed areas for improvement. Training continuity from session to session allows players to build upon their prior learning.

IDP sessions can be booked individually, or in blocks at reduced rates.

Every player has different needs. With this in mind, a bespoke individual training plan can cover a wide range of topics, or some very specific areas for development that need to be addressed.

Some sample IDP sessions include:

  • Receiving the ball on the ground/in the air
  • Beating defenders in 1v1 situations
  • Finishing from crosses

Players can also have an assessment session, where a coach will analyze performance and come up with suitable suggestions for future training.

Small Group Training

Football training

Our Small Group Training sessions are like IDP’s, but an opportunity to share the experience with friends or teammates.

If multiple players (2-6 maximum) are interested in the same subject, they can work together with a low player to coach ratio.

As with IDP sessions, they are open to players aged 8 and above only.

Some players work better with their friends than by themselves! Save money on the cost of an individual private training session by doing so in the small group training format.

Sample topics for small group training include the following, but players can choose what they’d like to work on to improve their game.

  • Technical aspects, (ball manipulation, receiving touch, key skills such as passing/dribbling etc.)
  • Street style games, fun games that players can play away from training
  • Competition activities (1v1 games)

Football Fitness


Football is great for aerobic and anaerobic fitness!
What better way to get fit than through something you enjoy! Over the course of a 60-minute session, you can burn calories and fine tune your football skills, or learn new skills if you’re a beginner.
Youth players (10 and older) and adult players of any level can request a football fitness session, working either individually or as part of your own mini group.

  • Improve key football techniques
  • Cardio or interval training, always using the ball
  • Incorporates speed, agility and strength activities
  • Technical tests, track your scores and try to beat them
  • Improve your mental strength & determination!

If you would prefer to do a football fitness session with friends, let us know, and then we can develop a series of activities that boost your fitness and fun levels at the same time!

Our Age Group Training sessions allow players to train together to improve core skills, as well as a lot of repetition in small group tactical situations. They are high tempo, aimed at getting the highest number of ball contacts per session, so bring plenty of water!

These sessions are open to all players within the specific age group, and are single gender or mixed depending upon the age groups involved.

Small group tactical concepts in 2v1 and 2v2 settings will often be used, with an aim of high repetition to improve decision making. These sessions get more advanced based upon the playing level!

  • 2v1 attacking (movements with/without the ball)
  • 2v1 defending (basic concepts of pressure/cover)
  • 2v2 transition
  • Numbers up/numbers down games (situational awareness)

These training sessions are strictly based upon the age of the player unless in the opinion of the head coach the player would benefit from playing with a younger/older group (bio banding).


Having worked with players from the grassroots level to aspiring professionals, Steve brings 25 years of licensed, professional coaching experience to Thanyapura.

  • NSCAA Master Coach Diploma
  • NSCAA Premier Diploma
  • NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
  • NSCAA National Goalkeeping Diploma
  • UEFA ‘B’ License
  • English FA Coaching Certificate

“Children, whether they are younger or older, beginners or very talented, are not ‘mini adults’. Each individual has different needs, so creating coaching activities that engage all players to learn and want to keep improving is key.”

“The question to ask youth players and teams is not how many trophies they have won, but rather, do they enjoy the game and are they improving?”

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Football Head Coach & Business Development Manager

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