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23-year Old Paralympian Swimmer From India Breaks Asian RecordThanyapura’s scholarship swimmer, 23-year old Niranjan ‘Niru’ broke the Asian record at the 2018 World Para Swimming World Series ‘Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften Swimming Berlin’ in Germany yesterday (7 June 2019). He finished his 200m backstroke in 03:16:01.
Thanyapura Welcomes The Hungarian National Swim TeamThanyapura was delighted to welcome the Hungarian National Swim Team back on campus from 13 January - 2 February 2018, who were visiting to continue with their rigorous training programme.
Thanyapura As Primary Training Ground For Swedish Swim TeamThanyapura Health and Sports Resort was the primary training ground for the Swedish Swimming Federation earlier this month, as the national swim team visited the facility from 3-18 January 2018.


Spring Triathlons to Beach Body Boot Camps: 10 Group Training Programs to Transform Your WorkoutMuch like fashion, fitness trends tend to come and go (and sometimes return). Group fitness classes have been around for decades. But according to the ACSM’s latest Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends report, they’re now more popular than ever.
Exercise For Positivity: Best Workouts To Boost Your MoodNot all of us are morning people and for those of us who are, you have to admit, those Monday blues do tend to strike when least expected. Life can be trying sometimes. Waking up early in the morning to face a life strapped to the gutter can be an unfathomable innuendo.
Beat the Summer Heat and Get Fit With These 4 Summer Workout TipsWith summer rapidly approaching, and with the temperature climbing, you are probably already working on improving your bathing suit body and looking forward to your summer vacation.


Tennis For Beginners – An Intro To The Sport“The ball’s in your court.” How often do you hear that saying? Did you know that it comes from tennis? “It’s match point!” – many people would say when it comes down to a final decision of a negotiation.
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Chart-Topping Band Maroon 5 Take To Thanyapura’s Tennis Courts For A Spot Of Holiday FitnessHollywood superstars Maroon 5 came to Thanyapura – Phuket‘s leading sports facility – for a bit of downtime in between concerts.
Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat…Living Like A Pro At Thanyapura: When Your Family Comes With YouSo life is all about balance right? If so, how the heck can you broach the subject of the ultimate swim, bike, run training camp in Phuket without your better half looking like they are about to lynch you…….bring the family with you!


Two Time Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange To Stay And Train At Thanyapura Health And Sports Resort, PhuketThanyapura Health and Sports Resort, Phuket is proud to announce that Patrick Lange, two-time Ironman Hawaii World Champion, will stay and train at the resort starting mid-April to prepare for his first race of the season
Improve Your Game With Heat Acclimation TrainingAcclimation training is the process by which the body adapts to a change in environment. When we exercise in the heat, our blood flow and sweat rates increase to allow for heat expulsion.
Progressing From A “Position” To “Performance” Driven AthleteWhen I was in medical school I wondered “why did we have to spend so much time doing these so-called “reflective writings”.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga Talk – Downward Facing Dog & Mountain Poses For WellnessOne of the most often performed poses in yoga, especially during Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes, is Downward Facing Dog (Adho mukha śvānāsana), while its sister pose Mountain (Parvata āsana) is found more commonly in the Hatha style of practice.
The Benefits Of Yoga For SeniorsYoga isn’t just for the young and fit, but for everyone who wishes to reap the wonderful benefits of this long-standing sport. It is never too late to begin a journey towards a healthier you, and you are never too old to exercise.
Begin Your Beauty Regime From WithinMost of you are probably familiar with the phrase, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So we presume this means that we can all find different attributes


Phuket Attracts International Football TeamsDr Jozak visited Phuket this week as the guest of Thanyapura football head coach, Steve Wallace, to discuss training camps and friendly matches on the island for youth and full national teams.
Training with ChelseaThe club was unable to pay outstanding debts totalling B83 million after being sued by three former international players after their contracts were terminated by the club for alleged misbehaviour.
Above And Beyond: Northern Boys’ 24hr Drive For Phuket TournamentThe boys, all aged 11-13, were selected from a series of schools across the area to play in the U14 age group at the 8th Annual Phuket Soccer School (PSS) Tournament under team name, Tonkla Mukdahan.


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